Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to any offer published on the Industry Data Pty Ltd website (“Published Offer”) located at http://industry-data.com.au (“the Website”).

Industry Data may at any time and without further notice revoke a Published Offer by removing it from the Website. Published Offers are subject to the below and conditional on a review of the customer by Industry Data. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Industry Data directly: info@industry-data.com.au

Like-for-like Quotations

Services offered by Industry Data’s competitor must (in the opinion of Industry Data) be directly comparable to those offered by Industry Data including but not limited to services provided and completion time. Industry Data may at its sole discretion decline any request for a like-for-like quotation.

Free Consultation

The free 1-hour consultation service is available to new customers located within the Sydney region and having an annual revenue exceeding AUD $1,000,000. Where a new customer is located outside of the Sydney region, Industry Data may at its discretion provide a free 1-hour consultation by way of video link. Additional meetings and free 1-hour consultations lasting longer than 1 hour may be subject to the usual fees charged by Industry Data. Industry Data may at its sole discretion decline or cancel a free 1-hour consultation at any time.

Flexible Payment Terms

Flexible payment terms are subject to review of customer by Industry Data. Industry Data may at its sole discretion refuse to provide customer with flexible payment terms. Customer gives its consent for Industry Data to conduct a credit check and gather any other information that Industry Data considers relevant to its decision to provide or not provide, flexible payment terms. No decision to provide flexible payment terms is final unless and until it is incorporated into a properly executed service agreement between Industry Data and customer (“Service Agreement”).

Flexible payment terms may include spreading up-front costs (e.g. consultation costs) across a specified term by way of a monthly fee payable to Industry Data.

Guaranteed Proof of Concept

A proof of concept (“PoC”) is a working prototype of Industry Data’s overall designed solution with basic functionality only, having an input, output and limited business rules implemented (up to a maximum of 10) and is intended to be used to review the flow of a single data set from source through to target, in order to demonstrate capability, integration and usability. A PoC will also allow Industry Data and customer to identify any architecture or design tenet changes early in the project. If agreed between Industry Data and customer, basic reporting will also be included in the PoC. Customer will only have access to a PoC for review purposes within a development environment and is not intended to be a minimum viable product nor the final productionised output. For the avoidance of doubt, a PoC is not, nor is it intended to be, used as a final product or service by customer.

If within a 6-week period starting from the date by which Industry Data (in its opinion) has received sufficient information from the customer to allow development to occur without experiencing delays (“6-Week Period”) the relevant PoC has not been completed and such delay is due to an act of or omission to act by, Industry Data, then Industry Data will provide 6 additional hours of development time free of charge (“Free Hours”). Industry Data will provide the Free Hours during a 2-week period commencing at the expiration of the 6-Week Period. Industry Data may at its discretion allocate the Free Hours to be completed by any Industry Data personnel. Industry Data has no obligation to complete the relevant PoC during the Free Hours and any work required over and above the Free Hours will be charged at Industry Data’s rates under the Service Agreement.


Industry Data will provide customer with a quotation within 7 days of Industry Data (in its opinion) having received sufficient information from the customer to be in a position to quote (“Quote Period”). Industry Data may at its discretion refuse to quote any product or service requested by customer. By requesting a quote, customer agrees that Industry Data does not have any liability (in contract or otherwise) as a consequence or result of not providing customer with a quote within the Quote Period. Full terms and conditions in relation to quotes are available at the time customer requests a quote from Industry Data.

Complimentary Solution Architecture Proposal

Industry Data will provide customer with a complimentary solution architecture proposal following an initial 1-hour consultation. This proposal will provide top-line recommendations for architecture design based on information gathered during the consultation.