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We're on board, are you?

As an early adopter, serverless is baked into almost everything we do. We are helping businesses take the next step in their cloud journey by becoming cloud native and realising some of the amazing benefits this technology has to offer:

  • On demand, almost limitless and instant compute power so you never have to worry about scalability again

  • Never pay for idle time, PAYG model based on throughput or execution duration required

  • Shift more operational responsibilities to the cloud, increasing your agility and innovation

  • Highly available and fault tolerant by design giving you peace of mind when productionising your solution

  • Microservice architecture inherantly supports continuous deployment for seamless upgrades

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What Our Clients Say

CoreLogic Australia

“Industry Data have recently completed the complete re-development of a legacy system which had been in operation since the mid-1990's. The work included the complete replacements of the tech stack - the back-end databases, front-end UI and everything in between. Add to that the migration of the data!

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Industry Data team. Their level of professionalism is extremely high and their ability to deal in the technical while communicating with the not-so-technical stakeholders, makes working with them a smooth experience. I would have no hesitation in engaging Industry Data again. In fact I look forward to when that time comes.”

Why Choose Us

With over 30 years experience working with data at every level of the technology ecosystem, we unfortunately, have seen it all. We understand how valuable data is to our clients, but handling unpredictable data is a specialisation in itself, and something which we pride ourselves on.

Our deep understanding of how poorly managed and bad data can impact business efficiencies has allowed us to architect and develop with the sole aim of democratising data in a safe, secure and reliable way. Our enablement has greatly improved with the emergence of serverless technologies, which is why we became an early adopter and why we specialise in this area. We can't fix the mistakes from the past, but using new technology and our experience, we can prevent them from happening in the future.

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AWS Select Consulting Partner logo

Industry Data is partnered with the largest and most established cloud provider AWS.

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